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Each Bathroom renovation done by Schmidt Sydney combines functionality and eye-catching design. Our Schmidt Designers work with great care and precision in order to produce a bespoke bathroom solution for you and your family.

The bathrooms we make are specially tailored to suit our customers. Whether you want to add extra storage, extend the bath, or completely knock it down and start from scratch, you can reply to Schmidt Kitchens & Interior Solutions to create the perfect space to reflect your lifestyle and taste. Our Schmidt Design team combined with our licensed Building Team will deliver you a completely new bathroom – Everything is taken care of to ensure you have a seamless process and a perfect result.

‘Here at Schmidt, we understand that your bathroom must be unique, private, personal and easy to use. It should match your personality down to the smallest detail while being suitable for all your personal grooming rituals‘

Luxury Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is one of the home’s most visited rooms and should be private, unique, and functional. When you visit the Schmidt showroom, our team can show you how some carefully chosen units that are suited to the available space can create an energising haven of well-being. The range of colours, materials and textures to choose from is vast and in the end, it is what makes the bathroom space reflect the essence of you. Taking care of everything from the design to the renovation is our top priority. Our expert designers will help you create a bathroom that combines style with the ultimate in functionality.

A Great Bathroom Remodel

A good bathroom renovation involves more than browsing catalogues to pick and choose tiles, tapware and bathtubs. It starts with the design team bringing all those pieces together to create the ultimate bathroom makeovers. In many cases, a custom bathroom renovation may require some demolition. Tiles and paint cannot be applied until the area has been waterproofed, plumbing & drainage has been installed and electrical & ventilation work completed. Once the installation is complete and all the debris has been removed, the Schmidt team will clean up the area to deliver your new custom bathroom renovation.

Renovations are a significant investment for any homeowner, so we understand the importance of high-quality materials and workmanship. Our range is award-winning, and our breadth of options means you will find the style you want, no matter what type of home you have and within your budget. Our interior designers are in Sydney to provide you with the best in renovations.

Complete Bathroom Renovations

When you come into the showroom, a team member can discuss your project and budget with you. This is your opportunity to explore our showroom to see your ideas in action or discover new designs or layouts you hadn’t considered for your bathroom. If you are ready to proceed, a team member will arrange for you to meet with a designer to discuss your needs and wants. We will either work from your plans or take detailed measurements for accuracy before preparing 3D plans.

In addition to the 3D plan, the designer will provide you with detailed drawings and the cost of your project. Upon acceptance of the design, a deposit will be required so production can begin. We aim to start work within 24 hours of product delivery.

At Schmidt, every renovation combines eye-catching designs and functionality. Our designers take great care with each client to ensure we find the perfect bespoke bathroom solution for you. We have a wide variety of bathroom styles and renovation options to suit every aesthetic and budget, whether you’re all about being Naturally Modern or prefer Pure Elegance. You can choose from an existing bathroom design, or we can work with you to create a custom bathroom.

Visit the Schmidt Showroom in Drummoyne and see for yourself our unrivalled quality and a vast range of design styles and finishes.

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Why Choose a Schmidt Bathroom?

Award Wining Designs

The complete range of Schmidt Bathrooms has won world wide design recognition

Premium Quality Finishes

We understand that a Bathroom renovation is a big investment which is why our quality is second to none

Vast Range of Styles

Our range of Bathroom are suited to all styles of homes while still being affordable and within your budget

Local Sydney Team

Our team of interior designers and draftsmen are all located here in Sydney offering you the best in renovations.

The Schmidt Design Process

Benefit from our history of over 80 years of interior design experience

Visit our Showroom

  • Discover our quality products.
  • Speak with our friendly staff
  • Discuss your project and budget with us

Meet with a Designer

  • Discuss your requirements and options
  • Your Designer will take detailed measurements or work from your plans

Production of Plans and Price

  • Your Designer will prepare 3D Plans, detailed drawings and a price for your project
  • You will meet in the Showroom to discuss any changes

Finalisation of Design

  • Once the design is accepted, a deposit is required.
  • The design is scheduled in for production

Delivery and Installation of cabinetry

  • Finished cabinetry is cleared from customs
  • We arrange delivery to site
  • Installation will usually commence within 24 hours of delivery
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