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Each Schmidt Kitchen Renovation is completed with the utmost precision and is 100% Custom Designed to suit our clients’ requirements and design aspirations.

All our joinery is manufactured in Europe using only the finest materials and finishes, which are all on display in our Sydney Showroom at Drummoyne. We invite you to visit our showroom, which is open 7 days per week!

Our trained showroom staff will discuss your project with you, show you around our displays, point out features relevant to your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

On visiting our Showroom, you may decide to arrange a consultation with one of our designers to elevate your Schmidt bespoke kitchen project to the next level.

Our Schmidt Designers can optimise your available space by suggesting any one of our smart storage solutions and other clever features exclusive to Schmidt.

The price of your custom designed kitchen can be significantly affected by choice of fittings, finishes, and materials selected to achieve the desired look. Our designers can guide you in making selections that suit your design aspirations and budget.

The Schmidt team work closely with you from the initial design inception through to the completion of your kitchen installation. Their depth of knowledge and experience ensures that you remain engaged throughout the entire process whilst allowing us to drive the project on your behalf.

‘No two projects are the same, as we will create a bespoke solution tailored to your specific needs and desires. Because you are special.’

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The Schmidt Design Process

Benefit from our history of over 80 years of interior design experience

Visit our Showroom

  • Discover our quality products.
  • Speak with our friendly staff
  • Discuss your project and budget with us

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  • Discuss your requirements and options
  • Your Designer will take detailed measurements or work from your plans

Production of Plans and Price

  • Your Designer will prepare 3D Plans, detailed drawings and a price for your project
  • You will meet in the Showroom to discuss any changes

Finalisation of Design

  • Once the design is accepted, a deposit is required.
  • The design is scheduled in for production

Delivery and Installation of cabinetry

  • Finished cabinetry is cleared from customs
  • We arrange delivery to site
  • Installation will usually commence within 24 hours of delivery
Book a Free Showroom Consultation

What to think about when remodelling your kitchen?

A kitchen remodelling project gives you several options and kitchen design ideas so you can choose how best to organise your storage space or add a kitchen island. A unique and bespoke custom kitchen can become the focal point for your entire house.


The first part of any renovation or makeover is to work through your kitchen layout. Schmidt breaks this down into five main areas. These include food storage, tableware storage, washing, food preparation and dining areas, and cooking facilities.

Modern homes often feature an island in the kitchen, but will you place the sink on the island? Ensuring that the distance between the cooking area and the preparation area is something people think about a lot when designing their kitchen. People don’t always consider where the storage should be placed for the best result. Do you want to have to walk the length of the space to get the pan you need and then walk it again to place it on the stovetop?

With years of experience dealing with these questions, we can act as your project manager for the perfect layout.


One of the first things to decide on when designing your perfect kitchen is storage. You could choose traditional styling of kitchen cabinets or have complete custom cabinetry created to suit your needs perfectly. One option is to remove handles from your cabinets altogether to create a more seamless modern feel to the kitchen as soon as you walk in.

You’ll also need to choose what types of storage you need. How many open shelf cabinets do you need for food storage? Will these include shelving on the inside of the doors or perhaps some open shelving to use for display? Will the corner units be on a rotating carousel to make more effective use of the space? Schmidt can help you in this area by asking you the right questions to help you make all the right storage decisions for your personal needs.


When doing interior design, but especially when you’re creating your dream kitchen, the colours you choose will help define one of the most used areas of your home.

Many primary colours suit many people’s tastes, such as Magnolia or Celest, but perhaps you want to brighten up your kitchen with a splash of Tangerine.

Mix and match the colours to create an eye-catching look and feel that says “You”.

If you prefer a wooden feel that adds a little warmth to your kitchen, you could choose an Oak or Cognac look.

Other options could be a complete stainless-steel look to the entire kitchen.

The consultants at Schmidt are specialists in working with you to choose the right colours that both bring your kitchen to life and leave you delighted with your completed remodel.


The benchtop is always one of the most visible and most used areas of any kitchen, so choosing the right one is paramount. You’ll want to ensure that the benchtop is easy to clean and potentially select a heat resistant surface, allowing you to place your finished cooking directly on the bench without finding a trivet.

Timber or stone benchtops will give your kitchen a level of elegance that your friends and family will be envious of every time they visit your home.

It’s also essential to make sure that your work surface area is substantial enough so that you won’t feel crowded when preparing food or serving guests.

Other touches

Lastly, it would help if you decided on the little touches that make your kitchen perfect.

Where and how many power points are you going to install? Do you want a raised dishwasher to avoid bending over when loading and unloading?

Add lighted bases to light up your workshop. Place LED profiles that discreetly diffuse neutral and concentrated light to illuminate your work area.

Install a pull-out shelf inside one of your cabinets to conceal larger kitchen appliances when not in use.

If you choose a timber benchtop or any other surface that is not as durable, it might be a good idea to insert a little granite in a strategic location. This will provide more resistance to cuts and abrasions when prepping your dishes.

The Schmidt Sydney team has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients and see thousands of kitchen remodelling ideas.

Our experience is your superpower, so you can renovate your kitchen to fit your space and stay within your budget. Push the boundaries with an ultra-personalised solution that will stand the test of time.

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