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Each Schmidt wardrobe renovation is done with precision and care to cater for your specific storage requirements. Schmidt specialise in both built-in wardrobes and walk-in dressing rooms and can incorporate features such as jewellery drawers for a touch of luxury or drop-down hanging rails offering the maximum storage space for your clothes.

Entirely manufactured in Europe using only the finest materials and finishes. Our Sydney based interior designers work closely with you on every step of your wardrobe process, from inception through to installation.

One of the most overlooked parts of any renovation is the entrance hall. Do not forget to consider the installation of a cloak cupboard or an additional storage wardrobe in the entrance hall when planning wardrobes for the remainder of your home.

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When it comes to your bedroom, no matter what sized space you’re working with, your wardrobe must have its place in the room. Building a new bedroom or installing a new wardrobe in an existing space helps to thoroughly plan your wardrobe renovation.

What to Consider When Renovating Your Wardrobe

When planning your wardrobe renovation, it’s important to remember that your wardrobe is no longer simply a place to hang your clothes. A wardrobe can be ample space to try on clothing in front of large mirrors and ample storage for your clothes. Or, they may be simply a functional space built to fit inside a small area.

The footprint of your bedroom doesn’t have to change to make the wardrobe one that works for you. However, if you’re choosing to build an enormous master bedroom, don’t forget to include suitable space for the wardrobe that will serve you best.

No, what type of wardrobe you choose to install, here are things to consider when renovating.

What Space Are You Taking Up?

If you’re designing a new Walk-in Wardrobe within your bedroom, consider how much space your new wardrobe will take up. Make sure you accurately measure your room and the floor space you plan to use for your wardrobe. In most modern homes, wardrobes are either walk-in or built-in (reach-in). Walk-in wardrobes usually allow at least 2 metres, with a minimum of 600mm door width in the centre, allowing for 700mm on either side to be used as ‘organised storage space.’

Built-in wardrobes, by contrast, are usually more of a part of the master bedroom itself rather than a separate room – as many walk-in wardrobes tend to be. Built-in wardrobes tend to be absorbed into the original square footage of the room. This also means different storage solutions, often building up rather than out – as space can be limited.

Advantages of a Walk-in Wardrobe

–        Bigger: In general, walk-in wardrobes tend to be much larger than their Built-in counterparts. Their size also allows for the installation of mirrors and sometimes some furniture or specialised storage space to accommodate items not generally considered for the wardrobe(!) Better lighting is usually more possible in the Walk-in Wardrobe than for the smaller Built-in Wardrobes.

–        More storage: While this might be obvious, the larger the wardrobe, the bigger the storage space. If you have a more extensive clothing haul, a walk-in wardrobe should offer you more than enough storage space, which can be optimised by clever storage solutions.

–        Room to comfortably try on Clothes and Shoes: If this is something you consider an essential function of your wardrobe, then having a walk-in wardrobe is the solution as it can offer you the space to do this – moving around in new clothes is a great way to test comfort, size and fit.

–        Space for ventilation: While you might not think about it – ventilation is essential for clothing, as it allows the fibres of your clothes to rest and dry appropriately if they get damp and /or are hung in the wardrobe to air dry. Having the space offered by a walk-in wardrobe is excellent for this.

Advantages of a Built-in Wardrobe (Reach-in)

For those trying to be economical with their space, wallet and clothing, a built-in wardrobe is a great option! Here are some advantages offered by the smaller footprint.

–        Rethinking your clothing: One thing that a smaller wardrobe will force you to do is to rethink your clothing and force you periodically cull how much you hang onto. If you don’t have the space to store it, how long has it been since you wore it? and do you see yourself wearing it soon? If not, do you need it in your wardrobe?

–        Optimising the available space: As well as making you rethink your current clothing selection, a built-in wardrobe will force you to be creative with your available space. There is a variety of hanging solutions, building shelving upward, with a librarian’s ladder for reach or telescopic clothing rails that you can pull down to enable you to access your clothes. This creativity will force you to pay attention to detail and ensure you make the best use of your space.

–        Option of more bedroom floor space: If you are unsure of creating an extensive walk-in wardrobe, you may choose a more palatial bedroom and decide on carefully designed Built-in Wardrobes instead. It is a personal choice of how you prefer to use your space. You must ask yourself – more bedroom space? or more wardrobe space?

–        Cost less: One of the most significant reasons people opt for a smaller Built-in Wardrobe is simply that it is a more cost-effective solution for a wardrobe – why build on if you don’t have to?

No matter what type of custom wardrobe solution you choose, ensuring that you can fit your most-worn clothing into your bedroom is essential to any wardrobe renovation. No matter your desired requirements for getting the most out of your wardrobe, Schmidt Sydney can help. Reach out to us today to see how!